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“The Raffle was a true blessing for our school…”

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ST. PAUL, MN — Every school that participates in the annual Catholic Schools Raffle has a chance to win BIG. That’s because in addition to keeping every cent they raise selling raffle tickets, the three schools that sell the most tickets per student receive a $3,000 grant from Catholic United Financial!

The three top Catholic Schools Raffle performers of 2018 are already getting the most out of their Raffle earnings. With school building and facility improvements, tuition scholarships, and general operations funding, St. Agnes School in Osakis, Minn., St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic School in International Falls, Minn., and St. Scholastica HSC Academy in Isanti, Minn., are grateful for the extra fundraising boost.

Each school will be using the grant money to better help their school and to have a little fun in the process. St. Thomas Aquinas used the grant they earned to help grow the school by providing scholarship money for student tuition relief.

“The raffle was a true blessing for our small school,” said Alison Fischbach, Raffle Coordinator of the St. Thomas Aquinas School. “We look forward to the next one.” Fischbach added that because they are a small school, the grant money goes a long way.

St. Thomas Aquinas used the grant they earned to help grow the school by providing scholarship money for student tuition relief.

“We are currently in the process of updating our playground,” reported Principal Pat Pospisil of St. Agnes School. “The money will be used for one of the pieces of equipment.”

St. Agnes students and staff raised $21,000 in 2018, more than 25 percent higher than their 2017 total, proving they’re willing to put in extra effort for a great turnout. “It’s been a positive experience for our school,” Pospisil added.

In 2018, students, staff and families of all the participating schools raised $1.16 million – the highest annual total in the program’s history. Catholic United Financial has sponsored the raffle each year since 2009. With as many as 95 schools participating each year, the Annual Catholic Schools Raffle has raised a towering $7 million for catholic schools in Minnesota and the Dakotas.

Join the 2019 Catholic United Financial Catholic Schools Raffle for your school’s chance to be one of these top three winning schools. For more details, visit the Catholic Schools Raffle page and become part of the fun. Or, follow the Raffle Facebook page for regular updates.

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