Donation, grant, and volunteer oriented programming

Fall Priority Grants will benefit more than 10,000 children

Priority Grants helping schools and parishes supply technology needs during COVID distance learning.
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CARES Acts might affect your charitable giving in 2020

How the CARES Act might affect your end-of-year giving

The CARES Act offers givers changes and possible opportunities for charitable giving at the end of 2020.
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Leave a lasting legacy without risking reliable retirement income

Leave a lasting legacy without risking reliable retirement income

You can leave a gift and have reliable retirement income, the best of both, when you use a charitable annuity.
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Cookie matching grant fundraiser starts 30th year turning sugar into dollars

Volunteers with St. John the Baptist Local Council in Searles, MN raise thousands for Catholic schools every year through their annual cookie bake sale.
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2020 Raffle total graphic

Catholic Schools Raffle starts second decade with new drum and new record

What better way to start the second decade of the Catholic Schools Raffle program than achieving a new fundraising record?
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There is a way for a regular people to become “legendary.”

Legends live on in our hearts, and regular people can become legends

There is a way for a regular people to become “legendary" by using life insurance for their charitable planned giving.
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2020 Prize ceremony details

Media Alert-Catholic schools strive for $10 million mark on March 12

Gridiron meets glamour on March 12 at the 2020 Catholic Schools Raffle Prize Ceremony hosted by Matt Birk and Miss Minnesota Kathryn Kueppers
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Young man praying in a modern sanctuary

Prayer request for our seminarians

As our seminarians face challenges, moments of joy and growth, and constant surrender to the will of God, please keep them in prayer.
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Will the SECURE Act affect your charitable giving in 2020? Find out.

How did the SECURE Act change charitable giving?

What changed and what stays the same with Charitable Giving under the SECURE Act of 2020.
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Tax decisions need to be made by Dec. 31st.

Donors should do these things before Dec. 31

Important tax-planning decisions depend on the actions you take before the end of 2019. That’s because Dec. 31 is the deadline for implementing certain strategies that may help.
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