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Understanding The Stations of the Cross in a new way

Believe in Love Blog post talking about praying the Stations of the Cross with a new understanding
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Saint Augustine, COVID-19 and hard times

Believe in Love Blog post talking about Saint Augustine saw hard times, and his wisdom is relevant for us today.
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Proposed federal SECURE Act could change everyone's retirement plans

SECURE Act could affect your retirement

If the SECURE Act is passed by Congress, almost everyone will have to revise their retirement plans. Learn how.
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Property dictated by a last will and testament

Never count on an inheritance

If you're basing your financial future on the promise of an inheritance, I'd counsel you to consider these scenarios.
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Woman journaling to recover from grief and loss

Writing my way to healing

In my Journey of Grief, I found healing in words. Maybe you will, too.
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Learning to live as a survivor

Believe in Love Blog post talking about the thoughts and questions that survivors have after enduring a life-threatening event.
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Geralyn Nathe-Evens is a columnist for Catholic United Financial

Father’s Day

Believe in Love Blog post about the challenge of embracing Father's Day when a father is no longer there to embrace.
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Honoring Memorial Day

Believe in Love Blog post suggesting remembrances for this Memorial Day.
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We Are the Easter People

Believe in Love Blog post about the impact of the season of All Saints' and All Souls' observances that can help us and others remember and grieve.
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Young couples need to plan for immediate expenses in the event of a loss.

Life Insurance for younger folks

Young people have the most urgent planning need for immediate expenses after a loss.
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