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An exciting announcement for our future

Catholic United Financial announces intent to merge with Trusted Fraternal Life

Catholic United Financial announced that its Board of Directors has voted unanimously to recommend its merger with Trusted Fraternal Life.
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Set Up For Success: Raffle program helping schools improve in multiple ways

School leaders and Raffle Coordinators told us the impact of the Raffle continues and the excitement it generates year after year is still going strong.
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Foley, MN resident wins $20,000 Raffle Prize 

Cheering students, staff and guests welcomed local Foley resident Matthew Hackenmueller to St. John’s Area Catholic School on the morning of April 19 where he was awarded a $20,000 novelty check representing the grand prize of the 2024 Catholic United Financial Raffle.
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Audience members celebrate the success of the 2024 Catholic United Financial Raffle.

Catholic United Financial Raffle Wraps Up 15th Year of Fundraising Success

What began in 2009 with less than 20 schools and just over $100,000 raised has transformed into a significant initiative, raising millions of dollars for education in our Catholic community.
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Catholic United Financial Sprout Solutions for families now available

Catholic United Financial launches Sprout Solutions for Catholic families

Catholic United Financial is pleased to announce the launch of Sprout Solutions to address the needs of young Catholic families.
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St. Cloud Catholic United Financial Center and Credit Union Team

Join us for a Grand Opening celebration on Feb. 13

You are invited to a Grand Opening Celebration on Feb. 13th at 11:15 a.m. in downtown Saint Cloud.
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Become Part of Our Story

We believe that the Catholic United Financial story sets us apart from other financial employers and careers. Join us!
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