Save the Date for our Triennial Conference

March 29, 2021

We at Catholic United Financial, like many businesses and individuals, are beginning to see a glimmer of hope as the doors of society crack open and let in the sun this spring. COVID-19 vaccination rates are rising daily as infections plummet. So, it is with great excitement and qualified hope that we announce our plan for the 2021 Triennial Business Meeting and Leadership Conference.

This is no simple morning meeting, but a reimagining of the social, leadership and governance conventions of eras past. We invite all members AND all Catholics with an interest in growing their parish or volunteer service corps to consider attending. Our first-ever Triennial Conference will be the 136th convening of delegates from the Councils and Volunteer Teams of the Association. Our last meeting took place in August, 2018.

As currently set forth – barring a resurgence in the coronavirus or other government-mandated social distancing – the weekend will begin on Friday, August 6 with a hosted social hour, Mass, and a catered dinner. Saturday morning, August 7, the business sessions regarding the Association’s governance will be conducted.

Saturday afternoon is where the real fun begins. We have contracted with keynote speakers and thought leaders to kick off the Catholic United Leadership Conference. Mini-workshops and discussion on parish preservation, volunteer leadership, multigenerational service and more will run throughout the day and into Sunday. Dinner and bowling and other social events will conclude Saturday night, before the symposium concludes with more breakouts and prize drawings on Sunday, August 8.

It is a completely new format, and we have high hopes to have our best attendance in years. PVTs and Councils will still need to elect delegates, but members and non-members are highly encouraged to attend and participate if space allows. Attendees will overnight at the friendly and air-conditioned dorm rooms at the University of St. Thomas in Saint Paul, MN, where the entire event will take place.

Look for more information in the coming months, but feel free to contact Member Engagement at engage@catholicunited.org to reserve your spot early or have any questions that can be answered addressed.

We truly hope to see you there!