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Youth Term Policy upgrade opportunity in 2020

Sometimes, we buy something and sock it away specifically to forget about it. We purchase it for the security of knowing it’s there when we need it, and the fact that we can just let it sit quietly in the background is one of its best benefits.

For parents and grandparents, purchasing a life insurance policy for their child or grandchild is just such an expense. In fact, one desperately hopes that it won’t ever be needed. For the young members whose elders took this precaution with Catholic United, there’s a good chance the product they purchased is a Single Premium Youth Term policy.

Our Youth Term products have always had a guaranteed privilege where the face amount could be converted to permanent insurance. For a limited time, we are allowing adult members ages 18 to 25 with Youth Term policies to change their coverage to Adult Level Term insurance.

Term is incredibly popular and extremely affordable, especially for young, healthy people. It’s also an ideal product for those in their prime debt-gathering years. College, first home, young family – not to mention global pandemic – covering these debts against a tragic loss is paramount to the financial security of not only the young member, but also anyone who may have cosigned for the loans that usually accompany higher education and first homes.

If you, or your child or grandchild own one of these Youth Term policies, the insured member will be able to change it to 15-Year Level Term plan at Standard rates — without having to undergo a medical exam or complete a lengthy application — until the end of 2020.

As is always the case, insurance is cheaper the younger and healthier you are. So there will never be a better time to lock in your term rate and guarantee protection from the unexpected than before their current policy expires.

With the school year upon us, the new year will be here before you know it. Don’t let this one-time opportunity to guarantee a child’s coverage for the next decade or more slip away. 

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by Jared Roddy, Editor

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