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Financial products for every stop along life’s journey

A buzz-concept making its way around the Internet lately is something called a “Brand Journey.” It describes the path that a consumer follows once they become involved with your brand. A gallery of highly produced infographics and conceptual art is at your fingertips if you care to Google the phrase.

As with many marketing and insurance industry trends, what we find at Catholic United is that we’ve stumbled (or perhaps naturally grown) into a model that already lives in the space that other brands and products are trying to populate. Catholic United’s “Brand Journey” is, and always has been, about the whole person and their whole life. When you buy a Catholic United product, you become not just a customer, but a member. Catholic United members are eligible for fraternal benefits, including post-secondary scholarships.

From the day they’re born, children of a Catholic United member are protected by the Precious Life Benefit Plan with a $2,500 death benefit up to their first 30 days of life. For children over 15 days old, we offer permanent insurance products that provide lifetime protection and grow in cash value. We also offer a Single Premium Youth Term product on children under age 18 that can guarantee permanent insurability through a term conversion privilege. Even if we must decline an application for insurance on a child over 30 days old, we would continue to provide a $5,000 death benefit on that child up to age 16—with no premium required—as long as one of their parents is a Catholic United member.

…the great news is along with offering services and products for people from cradle to grave, there are many stops on this train. Any time you want to get on, we’ve got a staff of able conductors to punch your ticket.

Through young adulthood, the stable of Catholic United products like Term Life insurance, Whole Life and annuities can protect against sudden loss as a member begins to raise a family, pay off student debt and get into the “mortgage years” of their life.

Later in life, retirement concerns begin to loom, security becomes paramount, and the temporal nature of life begins to weigh on a body. Annuities offering guaranteed rates of return while accumulating funds, as well as a guaranteed lifetime monthly income once they are annuitized, begin to look very attractive, as do the charitable options these and our Life Insurance products can provide.

Even in our twilight years, either struggling with finances or worried about how to pass our treasure along painlessly to our heirs, Catholic United is there. We offer senior products that can cover funeral and last expenses, and educational outreach workshops explaining the ins and outs of estate planning. Our Catholic United Financial Foundation is also there to offer charitable giving options and funds.

Our Catholic United Financial Credit Union offers a wide variety of banking services, many as close as your smartphone–including some of the best interest rates available for refinancing or purchasing new vehicles. The Credit Union is also there for your growing family, or for growing your family. It’s one of the only places where you can find an unsecured Adoption Loan to help fulfill God’s plan for your family.

Where do our members’ “Brand Journeys” begin? Well, the great news is along with offering services and products for people from cradle to grave, there are many stops on this train. Any time you want to get on, we have a team of local, able conductors to punch your ticket. With a 140-year track record behind us, you know we’ll get you to your station, wherever and whenever it may be.

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