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Family in prayer - a prayer litany for troubled times

A litany of prayer, because we can always pray

Believe in Love Blog post offering a litany for the hard times we are facing in 2020. This is a time of great uncertainty, and so we must continue to turn to our God.
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Forward-thinking reasons to insure children

Four forward-thinking reasons to insure your children

Most people consider life insurance to be a product for adults, but John Tetzloff gives four reasons why insuring children is about forward thinking.
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Fixed rate annuities help you achieve financial goals

Achieve multiple retirement goals using one product

Fixed rate annuities are a time-honored way of helping to lessen uncertainty in a retirement plan.
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Catholic clergy invited to special webinar on parish renewal

Protect your parish from future decline in the Age of Covid. Catholic United Financial is inviting clergy members to attend the Building Stronger Parishes webinar on August 20, featuring author and speaker Father James Mallon.
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Educational webinars bring our workshop content to you

We've moved our adult financial education workshops to the digital world in the form of live online webinars.
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Can I buy life insurance during a pandemic?

Can I buy life insurance during a pandemic?

The coronavirus pandemic has brought to the fore just how quickly life can change. The good news is people can still get insurance coverage.
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Understanding The Stations of the Cross in a new way

Believe in Love Blog post talking about praying the Stations of the Cross with a new understanding
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Saint Augustine, COVID-19 and hard times

Believe in Love Blog post talking about Saint Augustine saw hard times, and his wisdom is relevant for us today.
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Proposed federal SECURE Act could change everyone's retirement plans

SECURE Act could affect your retirement

If the SECURE Act is passed by Congress, almost everyone will have to revise their retirement plans. Learn how.
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Property dictated by a last will and testament

Never count on an inheritance

If you're basing your financial future on the promise of an inheritance, I'd counsel you to consider these scenarios.
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